The selected works of David Janelle

Grasshopper Android App

I worked directly with Grasshopper's Product Manager to redesign and visually overhaul their Android App.

Grasshopper's Android App was missing some key features and was in dire need of a facelift.

I restructured the entire app, bringing the key pages front and center while making sure new features were seamlessly included in the new design. After wireframing the entire app, I created an InVision clickable prototype that we put in front of users via remote usability sessions.

While putting together the wireframes we had assumed that users would understand the drawer menu hidden behind the “hamburger” icon, a popular navigation convention at the time. When asked to perform tasks in usability testing, users struggled to navigate beyond the initially loaded screen of the app. They also had trouble recognizing that some functionality was even possible since it was hidden from view.

Based on the results of our usability testing and feedback we received internally, we wireframed and prototyped a new version of the app with tab bar navigation across the bottom of the screen. After another round of usability testing, we found that the speed at which users were able to complete the tasks that previous users had struggled with had dramatically improved and users were able to recognize that other actions were possible. Users also seemed more willing to explore with the new navigation.

Due to time constraints, the team decided to use Google's Material Design Guidelines to get this version to market. I created a new visual style for the app based on Material Design that made our users' tasks even easier.

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