The selected works of David Janelle


I worked with the developers of Modulince to make their complex product inuitive and delightful.

When the team at Modulince approached me to work on their OSX application, they had a very rough prototype and a list of features they wanted to build. Together we worked through which features were core to the experience they wanted to create and ways we could implement them that would be understood by new users.

Once we had the feature set hammered out, I worked through the different each view of the app as well as how they should be tied together.

The most important view of the app had the user composing with modules, and the Modulince team wanted to ensure that these modules (of which there were many) had a consistent visual design that made the user insticively understand how to interact with the various controls.

I designed a dozen sample modules that contained an instance of each type of control and after a successful hand-off the team was able to use the guidelines I'd established to finish their application and bring it to market.

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